Thursday, August 11, 2011


The Red Fist Revolution is upon us! This concept album put together by Ben Stewart (Conspiracy of Thought) takes elements of Muse, System of the Down and Nine Inch Nails and offers a solid release of hook laden modern hard rock/metal.

Entitled The Fall of Goliath, this is the story of a one man’s revolt against a worldwide government system. The concept is woven throughout the album’s 14 tracks. The included booklet gives you the complete lowdown on the intricate plot line. If Larry Norman were starting his musical career today this is the type of release he would have offered. Is Ben Stewart Christian rocks newest angry young man? Perhaps forceful enthusiasm is a better way to look at it.

Musically the songs are punchy and to the point. At times the groove forces one to start tapping their proverbial foot, modern guitar driven hard rock with keyboard and piano. 15 months of work have brought forth an album that goes beyond the safe bounds of the expected Christian artist. Songs such Working Class Automaton, Class War, Fall Goliath Fall and Down in the Valley deliver a thought provoking message of social conscience.

In a case where art mirrors life this album has many eerie parallels to what we have seen in the news in places like Egypt, Tunisia, and England. Whether you agree with the political statements, albeit within a story format, is irrelevant in one’s enjoyment of The Fall of Goliath.

The Fall of Goliath has strong production values. The palette of tones is strong with enough diversity within a strong continuity to provide a very enjoyable listening experience. This is an album that’ll give your ole woofers a workout.

This album rocks with a decidedly modern vibe and does it well. Youngside Records has really taken a step of faith and released an album that causes one to think, while rocking all the way. The Fall of Goliath might not be your normal musical faire but isn’t it good to mix it up once in a while.

7 axes

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