Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Reinxeeds latest album, entitled 1912, offers up another brisk melodic metal assault full of soaring melodies and technical guitar playing. It hasn’t even been a year since their last release so one must wonder if Tommy Johannson ever sleeps!

The entire release is based around the sailing and subsequent sinking of the Titanic. That great passenger ship of another time, the lyrical themes are sweeping and epic. They fit the grand sweeping melodies that carry the musical passages of 1912.

Musically 1912 carries on where their previous release ‘Majestic’ left off. However the strength of the melodies and hooks are stronger, growth as songwriters is the order of the day. The hooks for example in We Must Go Faster and The Final Hour are solid and show a deeper growth. With a more direct songwriting style Reinxeed is at it’s most effective.

You won’t find too much that is groundbreaking on this release, but if you’ve already played out your copy of Majestic, 1912 will fulfill your musical need rather nicely. Yet tunes such as the title track sneak up on you and dig in your consciousness deeply.

The production is crisp with a bright technical atmosphere. The vibe is there and it resonates through out the album.

This is a good album worthy of 7 axes.


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