Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Throw some Motorhead, Ramones and Danko Jones into a blender and what do you get? Cleophus a three piece rock n roll outfit from Europe with the drive to kick some serious rock n roll butt! The passion and drive puts the pedal to the metal with this their first full album.

Released in 2009, The Battle of the Sinner and the Saint isn’t pretentious but from the gut. High energy and straight to the point with solid production, this album is the complete package. I was surprised myself at how high quality this package is, and why aren’t more people talking about this band?

With songs like True Rock N Roll, Rodeo Rider, Old & Alone; Cleophus has created the complete street vibe gritty and dirty with plenty of dark shadows. The Battle of the Sinner and the Saint is catchy and ballsy without losing its soul. Not necessarily always a happy ending lyrically but that is more like life isn’t it? There is one f bomb dropped in the song dealing with spousal abuse, but it fits. Some won’t understand that but so be it.

Many folks were disappointed with the production elements of the Wonrowe Vision album released last year. May I suggest you grab a copy of this album as this release by Cleophus doesn’t suffer from that apparent problem.

This is the kind of music you’d hear in a small bar or club with sweat pouring off the walls. The electricity is crackling in the air and it’s infectious. True rock n roll is a great way to get your game on. Pick this one up from Cleophus and turn it up.

8 axes

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