Thursday, October 13, 2011


A new Grave Robber album is a cause for carnivorous celebration! Our favorite quartet of living dead ghoulies has produced another collection of frightfully allegorical punk metal ditties. You’re All Gonna Die! Is the latest and greatest from Wretched and company.

All of the trademarks are here, Wooooaahhhh Wooooahhhh!!! The songs are even stronger this time out, whether the full tilt punk of the title track, the poppy punk metal of Invisible Man, the shoveling swing of Something This Way Comes, the cow eyed punk of Last Man on Earth and the metallic Curse of the Werewolf. You’re just gonna find yourself hitting the replay button over and over. The homage to Alice Cooper, The Misfits are still evident but GR really seem to be finding themselves musically.

You’re All Gonna Die! Has taken the Grave Robber zombie’s to another level as far as songwriting and production goes. The guitars sound crisp and punchy, the strong rhythm section is tighter than a body bag, and the vocals are even stronger than what was on their previous releases (Inner Sanctum, Be Afraid and Exhumed). The extra effort here has paid off in spades.

If you don’t get the spiritual metaphors interwoven throughout this album, I’m not gonna explain them to you. Having grown up on the horror films of the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s they are very evident to this listener. Not to mention the appearances of Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price through out this album. The art presented is crafted for a niche audience and if you’re not familiar with it you’re probably not gonna get it.

An outstanding album that has me excited (not to mention looking over my shoulder for a long boney finger…). Do yourself a favor and obtain this album legally while supporting a legitimate group of creative artists. You’re All Gonna Die! is the real deal without reservation. Where’s my mask????

9 axes


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