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For those not in the ‘know,’ Kreyson are a heavy metal act out of Slovakia. They released two albums back in the early 90’s (1990 & 1992 respectively) which have been pretty difficult to obtain. Well thanks to Ulterium Records that difficulty is no longer an issue.

Angel on the Run and Crusaders are now readily available. Kreyson deliver traditional heavy metal with elements that remind me of Hammerfall, Judas Priest and Saxon, straight ahead metal with a European flavor. Angel on the Run I found to have a slightly more ‘commercial’ vibe. That is, the songs don’t put the hammer down without continually and often.

While a more hook driven release Angel on the Run offers several prime cuts such as Kreyson or Deep in the Night. On this album Kreyson even breaks out some ballads that show a softer side, Faraway and Dreamin’ are prime examples. As a package Angel on the Run is solid and works quite well. Released originally in 1990 it has aged with grace.

Crusaders is a much heavier album right out of the gate. Some have even gone so far as to identify this release as speed metal. I’m not quite sure if I’d say that, however the fast songs here outweigh everything else. The heavy factor is much more evident as well. It’s as if Kreyson wanted to show everyone that they could crank up the heavy factor. The songs are still strong with memorable melodies from the driving title track as well as Commandments and The Prisoner. They include a ballad here as well Still, not unlike some of Judas Priests ballads such as Before the Dawn.

The production elements are a little dated, however they still stand up to the test of time and in comparison to many other releases from that era both of these releases are superior.

These releases are for fans of the aforementioned metal acts as well as Saint, Jacob’s Dream and Faith Factor. Kreyson have provided a couple of strong heavy metal platters with a message of hope. Thanks Ulterium Records for these reissues! Grab these albums and your air guitars!

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Anonymous said...

Kreyson are from Czech Republic, not from Slovakia!
V.D. (Prague, Czech Republic)