Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Perhaps this review is a little late to the party but since I just received this album it’s better late than never! Rammas Atas immediately compares to Rammstein, Megahertz, Infected Mushroom and other industrial techno metal acts. ‘Till Life do us Part is title of their debut release on BullRoser Records, distributed in the USA by Youngside Records.

This album is heavy but groovy with a cavalcade of electronic beats courtesy of DJ Ridhu, but it’s the crunchy guitar of Arktos and brilliant bass playing of Corvus Candidus that drive this release into high gear. The extreme vocals delivered by Peach are a stark contrast to the beautiful melodies of Miss Terry that add another layer of musical bliss to this fine release.

Ten tracks of danceable and moshable nirvana await the listener here, with upbeat tempos and catchy melodies. The Christian world view shines brightly in the lyrical department, not necessarily evangelistic in nature, but thoughtful expressions of living one’s life and the hurt, joy and pain that come our way.

High production values accentuate the journey one will take when you give this album a listen. Not being a dance music fan myself, I found that I couldn’t help but spin this album repeatedly as the grooves, melodies and heavy guitar just grabbed me and fought their way into my playlist.

Rammas Atas have delivered an exceptional debut, if you want something that is a little different from the normal metal fare but still rocks just as hard Till Life Do Us Part is gonna be huge surprise for you. It was for me.

7 axes