Saturday, April 14, 2012


Bill Menchen has returned with a third release under the moniker of The Seventh Power, this latest album is entitled Eternal Power. Robert Sweet pounds out the drums and Bill provides the vocals, guitar and bass playing, plus the occasional keyboard element.

If you’re already a fan of Menchen’s previous Seventh Power releases, Eternal Power delivers the same straight ahead traditional heavy metal power. Opening with the crushing Bow Down and finishing with the powerful We Sail this album delivers exactly what Menchen fans should expect.

Straight ahead songs lyrically and strong heavy metal musically. Robert Sweet smashes the tar outta his drums on this release. If you want to hear what Sweet doesn’t do on a Stryper album, you just have to check out his playing here.

Menchen writes some pretty catchy tunes through out this release. New Creation, Godbleed, In the Beginning is just a few songs that are worthy. Bow Down is my personal favorite and just blasts away. The only tune that really drops the ball is Set Free, however that song aside Eternal Power is a solid album.

The criticism about the somewhat monotone vocal that Menchen employs is the same as you’ll find on the previous two Seventh Power albums. With a tonality that is somewhat closer to Ozzy with a ‘metallic’ sounding effect, it fits the music.

Fans of traditional metal will enjoy this record, I know I do.

7 axes.

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