Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Jump Ship Quick is full on Power Punk (is that a genre???) with strong Pop Punk and metallic overtones. They’ve described their influences as Gorilla Biscuits, Black Flag, MXPX, early Crucified, Turning Point and the list goes on. Not necessarily the typical fare I write about here, but variety is the spice of life. Where Thieves Cannot Tread is the title of their Punk Roxx Records debut album.

The songs on this 16 tune affair are fast and furious, the average time is somewhere between 2-3 minutes. Don’t blink or you may miss some! Tracks such as Mask of Greed, Here Come the Clowns, Hollywouldn’t, I Defy Your Violence lay things out as far as where this band is coming from.

Where Thieves Cannot Tread (the title song) is a musical tract about the preciousness of the Kingdom of God, if you gain the world will you not lose your soul? He Must Increase speaks of the importance of dying to self. At times I think of Green Day musically with the message of Undercover or The Lead.

Leanor Ortega Till from Five Iron Frenzy provided the production elements, and she did a fine job. The mix is strong and clean with a solid spread of instruments throughout the mix. At times I feel like the vibe of early Undercover of captured with more intensity on the musical side. You won’t find a watered down guitar but this thing is right out in front.

If you were a fan of Punk like the aforementioned bands this album is definitely right up your alley. Strong songs and punchy production hit the bull’s eye on Where Thieves Cannot Tread. Punk Roxx Records (a division of Roxx Records) has unleashed a caged animal that is challenging that roaring lion with a roar of its own.

7 axes

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