Friday, July 6, 2012


To the uninitiated Savior Machine is an enigma. Watching their live performances might leave one puzzled as to what they were a witness to. However to those who ‘get it’ Savior Machine have always been the very cutting edge of music with a Christian message, gothic in style and look many a pastor has been left with more questions than answers. No simple answers here to tie up in a nice red bow.

That brings us to this four CD set that has been released by Retroactive Records. Originally these four discs were released in 2006 by the band themselves, 500 were pressed and signed by vocalist Eric Clayton himself. Now I’m not sure how Matt at Retroactive did it but he got full permission from Clayton to reissue these four discs.

This is a treasure trove of unreleased demo’s, outtakes, bootleg performances, radio interviews and alternate mixes that is sure to please the most hardcore Savior Machine addict. The discs can be ordered separately from your favorite online retailer. Each disc is a hair under 80 minutes in length.

As a little back story part of this compendium of music comes from the collection of SM fan Peter Kompanje (1978-2005). He had amassed such a large and unique collection of fan rarities, he wanted to be able to share them with other fans throughout the world. Eric Clayton and Adam Pederson compiled this with other rarities and edited & mastered them.

If gothic metal music is your thing then Savior Machine is right up your alley. This amalgam of rarities is sure to please and I wish other acts would have the courage to release something of this scope. I’m going to give this collection 8 axes, thumbs up!

8 axes


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