Saturday, August 11, 2012


Antidemon’s latest release entitled ApocalypseNow is pure grinding death. Prior to this release I had not heard them before and now I’m wondering why I hadn’t. Solid production values and a sonic assault that will knock you into next week!

I’m not a big fan of relentless grindcore music. Most often it is poorly recorded and thinly produced, not to mention the pure mess of lyrical content I’ve often heard. Not a big fan. So when I was offered a chance to hear this release I thought, “Well if Steve Rowe likes them I’ll give them a spin and a chance.” Man I’m glad I took the opportunity.

Yes the vocals from Batista sound like someone gargling battery acid, but it’s the whole package. The sledgehammer riffs, the pure pounding drum assault (which isn’t all one speed) the battling bass which rounds it out. The best part here is that the songs actually have a melody, and with the various tempo changes it gives something very entertaining for the listener.

Juliana on the drums delivers a fabulous performance that is really amazing. Luis offers a tremendous guitar outing with a solid performance that will get you headbanging like no one’s business.

The tracks are well arranged and don’t fall into that ‘it all sounds the same syndrome.’ That impressed me, and impressed me enough to be excited about this album. I’m not a grindcore aficionado so who I would compare them with??? Haven’t a clue actually, but with a musical offering such as this it doesn’t matter. If you want full on hard grind here it is, and the lyrics are just as full on but from a God glorifying point of view. (It should be noted that Rowe Productions compare them with Morbid Angel and Suffocation if that gives you an idea of what to expect.)

As best as I can tell the vocals are in Portuguese but its grindcore, and the lyrics are translated into English for those of us who are too lazy to know two languages (thank you very much I’m a slacker). There are just 11 tracks of full on pounding grinding death, like being hit with a concrete slab. With tracks such as Hellward, Welcome to Death, King of Glory you get the idea.

Rowe Productions gets big thumbs up for this release and Antidemon gets an 8 axe review for this album of intense grind that glorifies Jesus Christ the One True and Living GOD!! ApocalypeNow indeed!

8 axes


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