Saturday, August 11, 2012


Join the Dead’s 4 song EP is one of the finest metal offerings this year. Full on Bay Area Thrash Metal that harkens back to the mid late 80’s, while providing a solid 2012 production that hits like a sledgehammer. Influences here range from Testament, Exodus, Forbidden (Evil), Violence just to name a few, and this isn’t just hero worship but a complete authentication of that type of music.

Oh yeah this all comes from a Christian world view that is neither clichéd or simplistic. Tracks included on this four song ditty are Mask of Fear, Out of Breath, Self Inflicted Pain and Idol Faith.

Mike Phillips (Deliverance, Fasedown, The Sacrificed) delivers some of the finest riffage and lead work offered this year (he also plays the bass guitar on this EP). His tone is pure crunch and punch, clean and razor sharp. A little Alex Skolnick influence is evident, Phillips performance is amazing throughout; just listen to the track Self Inflicted Pain. Vocalist Paul White delivers a strong and powerful performance that ranks with some of the genres best. Drummer Tim Kronyak beats the tar outta his kit.

The tracks themselves are top drawer material for sure, extremely heavy but very catchy and melodic. All four songs really deliver the goods. Roxx Records is also offering a bonus for those who order early, a very Limited Edition CD pressing that will also include 13 bonus tracks, featuring many previously unreleased demos and live recordings.

As of this writing I don’t know what these tracks sound like, but I do know that this EP is worth every penny. This is the type of thrash you just don’t hear much these days, at least done well. Grab this before it’s gone.

9 axes

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