Saturday, September 22, 2012


The latest release from technical speed masters Tourniquet is upon us. Entitled Antiseptic Bloodbath it features just about everything you could want from a Tourniquet release; speedy technical riffage, classical instruments that are arranged to flow seamlessly into the titanic metal riffage, in depth lyrical content and superior musicianship.

This metal offering hits full speed on such tracks as Lost Language of the Andamans (don’t let the intro fool you), Flowering Cadaver and the full tilt title track. 86 Bullets has a great riff that grabs you and forces the head to start bobbing back in forth, all the while retelling the tragic story of a circus elephant, named Tyke, who had to be shot after escaping.

Fed by Ravens, Eaten by Crows (with spoken narration by Bob Beeman); The Maiden Who Slept in a Glass Coffin, along with the aforementioned Lost Language benefit from hauntingly arranged strings. The almost sorrowful melodies seem to be a musical overture destined to grab one by the collar and demand a quick rewind to just hear what is being played.

A string of guest stars on the guitar are planted throughout, Marty Friedman, Pat Travers, Bruce Franklin (Trouble), Karl Sanders (Nile), Santiago Dobles (Aghora). To hear Pat Travers play on a Tourniquet album is quite a moment. Never fear Aaron Guerra shines throughout, the man has tone! Luke Easter provides a stellar vocal performance and Ted Kirkpatrick shows why he is one of the top drummers in metal.

Produced by Neil Kernon, who has a very long and distinguished resume in the recording world (everthing from Hall & Oats to Cannibal Corpse!), Antiseptic Bloodbath is a tightly produced and meticulously executed. The instruments are given a change to breathe while not losing their place in the mix, and that driving guitar tone just kicks one up the backside.

Fans of Cynic and the like will what to give this release serious attention. Antiseptic Bloodbath is high quality metal that forces one to examine their role in this life, while taking the listener on a dramatic journey of metal bliss. Don’t miss this one, bang thy head with joy!

8 axes


Often I'm amazed at where we receive albums from for review. Our friends at Youngside Records dropped a copy of Fruhstuck in our mailbox and boy I’m glad they did. Y’see Fruhstuck hail from Poland and would’ve gone totally unnoticed here I’m sure. So you’re asking yourself, “Well are they any good? What do they sound like?”

Fruhstuck’s latest album is entitled Quiet and it is good, a mix of King’s X and U2 if you can wrap your head around that. Quiet boasts solid melodies with powerful instrumentation that delivers the goods. Just listen to the title track and it just screams of King’s X. Pig, Follow, Song of Deliverance instantly remind me of early King’s X; as in the first three albums. The title track is haunting.
The vocal is what reminds me of U2. Martin Krale has an uncanny vocal tone that brings about those Bono comparisons. You won’t find Beatlesque harmonies like you will on most King’s X albums. That being said, Krale delivers a fine vocal performance.

The production is clean and punchy with great clarity. Fruhstuck are a four piece and each member has well carved turf in the mix, but are intertwined nicely. The music benefits from this arrangement as it allows the power of the performance to rise to the top.

As I listen to this I just envision King’s X. I just can't get away from that comparison. The bass tone & guitar tone along with the stylistic arrangements. Quiet offers lots of dynamics that add to the feel of power and strength, lyrically coming from a Christian world view. At times almost like Psalms.

Fruhstuck’s Quiet delivers short punchy songs, primarily in the 2-4 minute range. This album is a 14 song affair so really do get your money’s worth as it were. If you enjoy solid rock n roll with flair then this disc is one to get.

7 axes