Saturday, November 3, 2012


Before vocalist Chaz Bond joined Jacob’s Dream he was part of Biogenesis. Biogenesis put out one album way back in 2001 on Steve Rowe’s label, Rowe Productions. There was much hoopla as that album was a solid array of metal styles, myself I missed that album but I’ve heard about it non stop for years.

I enjoyed Chaz’s vocal work with Jacob’s Dream, so when I heard that he was going to put Biogenesis back together I was excited and anxious to hear it. The Rise The Fall The Rebirth is the title of this solid assortment of heavy metal chaos. There are groove elements, there are thrash elements, there are moody melancholic moments, throw some proggy stuff in there. Not to mention some traditional metal pieces and it comes out Biogenesis.

Chaz’s vocal performance is solid throughout. There are occasional thrash screams, growls and his trademark tenor vocal with plenty of grit. The musical performances are top drawer with exception skill and feel. Nevin Cline (drums) and Randy Walton (bass) lock together with surgical precision, both feeding off the other while holding down the back beat and groove.

But the songs are strong and don’t all fall into the typical verse chorus verse chorus solo. The melodies are haunting and infectious. It took me a time or two to lock in but once I did, some serious musical nirvana happening. Tracks like Hatred Seed or Point of Origin just bring the pain, while Angel is simply a drifty sorrowful tune of sheer genius. The more I listen to this release the better it gets.

The production elements are pretty solid, I’ve seen some complaints in the forums, but to my ears production is not the issue. The sounds are sweet and crunchy, but I think the album suffers from a lack of mastering. The bottom end gets a little too fat for my taste and would benefit from some cleaning up.

The Rise The Fall The Rebirth is heavy and crushing. This album really is a good one, it’ll make you raise your fist and yell. If you want something a little different then reach for this and be ready to bang yer head with power and passion.

7 axes

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