Saturday, November 24, 2012


Moving with the subtlety of a runaway locomotive the debut album by Divine Incarnation has arrived. (Actually it arrived a little while ago, but due to several delays this review is finally seeing the light of day…. Sorry guys!!). Judgment Against the Nations is the title of this metallic assault brought to us by Sanctus Gladius Records

Judgment Against the Nations is blackened/Thrash Metal that is long on bombast and short on any kind of subtlety, with upfront guitars and vocals that could scrape paint off a wall. Opening with what I think is the best track, The Return, you know what you're gonna get. Fast songs that have few changes but have lots of sledgehammer moments.

Other stands out tracks include, All Powerful One and The Only Way. These tracks have some solid thrashy death type moments, yet have a really strong old school vibe reinterpreted for today. The black metal influence is really strong on the 10 minute epic Indignation, for me tho I sorta got lost along the way.

There are really strong riffs on this album. The production is clean and brutal without being overproduced in the least. This band sounds like someone I’d hear in San Francisco at the Rock On Broadway, very underground and very raw. According to the liner notes these tracks were originally recorded in October 2009 and July 2010. Perhaps as two separate demo’s that have been put together for this limited edition release. If that is the case, the production elements are really quite good.

On their Facebook page they list their influences as,

Bathory, Celtic Frost, Emperor, Hellhammer, Immortal, Mayhem, Slayer.

That I can believe! This is a limited edition disc so if you don’t already own one you might’ve missed out, but if brutal thrashing blackened death is up your alley; grab a copy of Divine Incarnation’s Judgment Against the Nations. You won’t be disappointed.

7 axes

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