Thursday, January 3, 2013


Babylon Mystery Orchestra, a rather cryptic but intriguing name for a band so when I was asked if I’d like to review their latest album Poinium Cherem I answered in the affirmative. I had heard the name Babylon Mystery Orchestra in the various Christian Metal forums usually in a positive context, my intrigue was growing.

So when I received the CD some weeks back it came in a flood of other material so unfortunately I didn’t have the opportunity to dive in right away. I now realize that BMO is a one man band led by Sidney Allen Johnson.  Vocally he reminds me of David Johanson of The New York Dolls.  I’ve had some opportunity to sit with this disc and I have to say I was pretty disappointed.

The production elements are actually pretty good; the instruments have good clarity (I believe a drum machine was used). The packaging was pretty amazing for an independent release, exceptional quality.

It’s the songs that just don’t do it for me; too many of the songs seem to use the same arrangements and chord progressions. Destroyer, The Affliction, Apollyon and I Am an Artist, suffer from that. Devilution has a different tempo but the chorus falls into the same break downs as the aforementioned songs. Save for A Prophets Song the remaining tracks have the same challenges.

The are other Babylon Mystery Orchestra albums out there and I’ve only heard this one and I’m sure others will disagree with my take on this album, but from my point of view I would pass.

5 axes

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