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It always amazes me when I hear the quality of music put out in the Christian metal marketplace. The vast majority of releases are rather good and by that I mean they are at least of the same quality as their secular counterparts. The tag ‘Christian Metal’ does not mean an inferior product in either the production or talent category. It also doesn’t mean that the lyrical content will be predictable tripe.

A song doesn’t have to be a three minute salvation tract in order to be ‘Christian’ does it? I think not; after all 1 Corinthians 13 is not known as the ‘salvation chapter’ is it. So to those whose view of what constitutes a Christian release is of a very narrow lyrical content probably won’t like this latest release from Boarders. R-Existence Deluxe Edition explores many different topics from a distinctly Christian point of view.

Exploring a wide array of subjects such as lying, standing against the world’s conventions, hatred, social injustice, Boarders opens a wide plethora of intellectual subjects that scream for self introspection. Not your usual fair lyrically, but Boarders seems to be a band willing to take risks. First off they originally released R-Existence as a free download over a year ago. A full complete metal album, free.

Musically R-Existence is a heavier release then their previous The World Hates Me. I was hard pressed to find any AC/DC influence on this album, having said that; the fact that this band used to be a Megadeth tribute band shouldn’t be a surprise after giving this album a spin. The influence of Megadeth is definitely there (think So Far So Good…. So What…. era), but Boarders makes it their own; not just a second rate rip off.

Whether its ripping through such bits of metal whimsy as Signs of Resistance or IV Reich (featuring Annihilator guitar Jeff Waters) or the pounding steel of The Agony of Lying, Boarders delivers a bit of thinking mans metal. I’m still surprised when I hear Lightbringer with its strong harmonies and quoted comments by Martin Luther King, unexpected but definitely a strong moment.

The songs are stronger and rock a bit harder with even higher quality musicianship. This CD release has a better sound quality then the free download, by far; richer sound with greater depth. Not to mention that this deluxe edition has five extra tracks. One instrumental, an acoustic version of the track Pure Gold with female vocals offered by Mariangela Scafati. This Time starts off sounding rather weak but the band delivers a powerful pseudo-ballad moment. Two demo’s from the band previous album are also included Deliver You Back to Hell and For What It’s Worth.

R-Existence is a solid slab of raging heavy metal. Thanks to Roxx Records you can grab this full album with some nice extras. If you want something with more intellectual acumen to go along with your screaming guitars R-Existence is without a doubt an album you must own.

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