Saturday, January 5, 2013


Brutal Cross is a one man Extreme Metal extravaganza from Europe, Poland specifically. With a sound described as unblackened/death metal their Sanctus Gladius Records release entitled, Symphony of Destruction, is anything but tame.

This collection of 13 tracks seems to have a two fold purpose, first to inject the Light into a field of musical endeavor that is dominated by the darkness. Secondly to create a musical cacophony that should please anyone who wants their music intense and unabashedly extreme.

This is the second album by Brutal Cross, their first one was entitled Trilogy. One thing I noticed as I compared a few tracks from their first album to Symphony and it just seems to me that Symphony is not produced as well, a slightly rawer feel and depending on how important those elements are to you. However the sound quality is still acceptable but not as complete.  

The music on this release is pure black metal with the musical elements that define that genre; Extreme vocals, atmosphere over melody, and rawness over polish.  I was unable to hear a strong death metal influence here. From their Facebook page Brutal Cross, indicated several bands as likes which I’d infer also as influences, which includes fellow Polish unblack band Elggibor. Other bands mentioned are Crimson Moonlight, Pantokrator, Deuteronomium and Ultimatum.

If this sound like your cup of brew then snag yourself a copy of Brutal Cross’s, Symphony of Destruction. This might be a limited edition release so don’t hesitate but head over to the Sanctus store and grab one. A six axe review just because the production is slightly rawer, but the material is still acceptable.

6 axes

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