Friday, January 11, 2013


Golden Resurrection has returned with a barnburner of an album, entitled One Voice for the Kingdom. A much more up tempo release is in store for the listener as opposed to their previous album, Man with a Mission. That opus provided a much more commercial feel; it is quite clear that One Voice for the Kingdom is a more straight ahead metal record with a stronger neoclassical flair.

Tommy Reinxeed delivers again on the guitar; he is a tremendous player who has a keen sense of melody and nuance. He can also just plain shred when the song calls for it. Just listening to his playing during the two instrumentals will make a believer out of you, Heavenly Metal & Moore Lord are exceptional bits of guitar playing whimsy.

One of the things that really stood out to me is that the drums on this release are completely ‘natural,’ no effect triggers were used. A nice organic sound which reminds me that human beings made this music, not machines. Alfred Fridhagen takes over in the drumming department (he's only 19!) and his playing is tremendous, he solidifies a powerhouse rhythm section.

The songs are good, solid driving neoclassical heavy metal. Can’t Slow Down, One Voice for the Kingdom, Born For the Strangers are immediate standouts with their fast and furious tempos with stronger melodies. However this release did take me a few listens to get a handle on the hooks. That is perhaps the one thing that was the most glaring; the melodies didn’t necessarily jump out and dig in deep leaving me humming them when the album was over.

There isn’t a ‘bad’ track on the album yet it would seem to me that perhaps an outside producer to help bring out the best in each song. Someone to help make those melodies even stronger and perhaps a little more accessible. Not in the sense of a ‘hit single’ but just to help make things a bit more memorable, for many of the tracks are worthy.

Christian Liljegren continues to deliver exceptional vocal work in the vein of Dio with a touch of Halford thrown in. The lyrical message that Liljegren delivers is one of hope, without compromise or condemnation.

One Voice for the Kingdom is a natural progression from the last two albums, with its more upfront guitar work and slightly less polish in the production department. The keyboards have their place but don’t dominate as often as on Man With a Mission.

Golden Resurrection have again delivered a healthy dose of guitar driven neoclassic power metal. Leather and denim jackets need only apply; this type of music is designed with the proverbial air guitar in mind. I got mine! Where’s yours??

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Please check the members again, Rickard Gustafsson is no longer the drummer in Golden Resurrection, the new drummer is Alfred Fridhagen.

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Greetings, I love your podcast and reviews. I was wondering where I can find podcast numbers 1 through 11? I have 12 and up. Thanks for what you do.

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Johnny let me look into this... I used to have them available from Podomatic. I'll check it out!