Saturday, February 23, 2013

MASS - TAKE YOU HOME Retroactive re-issue

Take You Home was originally released as a six song EP by Enigma Records subsidiary label Medusa back in 1988. This EP was Mass’s first release following their 1985 RCA release New Birth, after that albums release contractual hell ensued and Mass fought for their release and got it. Take You Home has been reissued by Retroactive Records with one bonus track, Under the Gun.

With songs that are straight to the point and highly melodic, without losing their guitar driven edge, Take You Home is sure to please fans of TNT, Stryper, Dokken, Crystavox. An array of melodies that is extremely memorable from the title track to the album starter Pedal to the Metal and the upbeat Over You.

Perhaps of all the tracks the one for me that stands in contrast to the others is the original EP closer, Holy One. Musically it’s one of these tunes that start off slowly and almost melancholy, yet it builds and builds to a driving conclusion. Holy One is a pretty heavy song musically but also lyrically. Mass on the whole I’d give a PG rating lyrically (typical boy girl stuff but very innocuous), but Holy One brings in some strong religious overtones that are pretty hard to ignore but very cool.

The production values are extremely 80’s with the big drum sound with the biting guitar attack, with a tone reminiscent of George Lynch. The re-mastering done by J Powell at Steinhaus is superb as has been his reputation.

Under the Gun which is the bonus track is a solid tune. I would guess it didn’t make the original cut due to the length of vinyl EP’s back in the day.

Take You Home is a nice slice of melodic metal that will fit just fine in the collection of anyone who enjoys this genre of music. I was pretty surprised and I’ve found myself hitting replay on many occasions as I’ve spun this disc. After you grab this one don’t forget to get the Michael Sweet produced Voices in the Night!

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