Saturday, July 6, 2013


My Silent Wake returns with a brand new album entitled Silver Under Midnight. Following a re-issue of their classic opus The Anatomy of Melancholy, available through Bombworks, MSW delivers a release of brand new skull crushing material.

It should also be mentioned that a vinyl only release of their acoustic material was also produced, it’s a limited run so if you don’t already have a copy chances are slim that you’d find one. However it’s entitled, Acoustic Collection; good luck!

Back to the release at hand, Silver Under Midnight finds MSW in fine form. In the studio this time MSW consists of Ian Arkley providing brutal and clean vocals, guitar chaos, occasional keyboards, plus assorted percussion and bass guitar. Kate Hamilton provides bass and the traditional dulcimer. Mark Henry delivers the powerful back beats of the drums and the carnage of powerful percussion.

Silver Under Midnight is an album that defines atmosphere and mood. Starting with a brief intro that lasts under two minutes full of those folkish overtones that sets a startling medieval period, Midnight. It gives way to the full force of the imposing Destroyer, a track that imposes its will upon you with several mood changes while it crushes you with its Sabbath inspired riff.

Oblivion comes at you with it’s over whelming groove and sledgehammer timing. Ian’s brutal vocal delivery is in top form as it cuts through the musical carnage.  The tempo is almost reminiscent of early Seventh Angel. A pile driver has as much subtlety but that is one of the brilliant things about MSW, they can come at you with a locomotive and suddenly shift gears into silent dark foreboding encampment such as you’d find in a desolate forest.

Wars and The Last Man share this same ultra heaviness. Pounding doom and gothic metal that offers some heavy riffage while turning your brain into mush. Album closer Third Season moves through many atmospheric changes without losing any of its heaviness or sense of danger. Clocking in at over 14 minutes, this epic shines and demands an instant replay. No really.

The production is top flight and really from MSW I expect no less. The instruments have great clarity and definition without a huge loss in dynamics. These purveyors of gothic doom have seemingly mastered their art in the studio.

My Silent Wake again has delivered an exceptional piece of musical art. Making observations of the human condition without offering the simple trite response that so many do.  2013 has been the year of My Silent Wake and Silver Under Midnight should solidify that statement. Grab a copy.

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