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For those of you who do not know who Bill Menchen is (shame on you), he has been the brainchild of MANY different Christian Metal/Hard Rock bands throughout the last 25 years. Titanic, Menchen, Redeemer and Final Axe were some of his other musical outlets; however I’m focused on another group under the moniker of The Seventh Power.

Power and Glory is the current album, actually it came out in 2012 and I received it earlier in 2013. So after spinning this disc to death for months (I must apologize for the delay in this review… seriously….) Power and Glory is a much better disc than its predecessor Eternal Power. One thing with The Seventh Power, musically you know what you’re gonna get straight ahead old school heavy metal with a hook.

The hooks on Power and Glory struck me as stronger and a bit more pronounced than on Eternal Power. The songs felt more complete, finished. Menchen doesn’t break new ground musically, but honestly that in itself is a breath of fresh air because as I fan I know what to expect as I already mentioned.

Robert Sweet of Stryper handles all the drumming duties and does he beat the snot outta his kit. Tight and punchy with a flair for the subtle, Sweet has never been slouch behind the kit.  Bill provides his top flight riffs and solid lead playing throughout this release.

Some of my favorite tracks include the video tune God Is Love, but just as catchy is the very strong Look Into My Eyes.  The title track includes a deep voiced sounding announcer that always strikes me as a distant cousin to the announcing voice at the end of Rush’s 2112. Similar but not the same.

 The production is top flight once again as on the previous Seventh Power albums. I often find the drums to be that bedrock that breaks through the musical din; however the guitar sounds are crisp and strong.

Straight ahead 80’s metal is what you’ll find here with little in the way of surprise. If that floats your boat pick this one up and enjoy some traditional sounding melodic metal with exceptional hooks.

8 axes
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