Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Agonal, according to their Facebook page is the brain child of one Jon Francis. This release the third in a trilogy is entitled A Suffering Complete. A Suffering Complete is a solid album musically with elements of symphonic doom mixed in with extreme and clean vocals, along with a healthy dose of melody.

Even though there is keyboard for those symphonic elements, the guitars carry the freight.  No, you won’t find many guitar solos, but the layering of musical elements was done well enough that I never wondered when a solo break was coming. I was pleasantly surprised to hear a very upfront and loud six string rythym section, well recorded and quite defined. 

This release, at times, is very reminiscent of My Silent Wake. Not quite as melancholy where MSW uses more reverb for atmopherics and other acoustic instruments, Agonal relies soully upon their songwriting. There are some good solid dynamics that
are apparent within many of the songs, Fall Unto Me for example. However there are plenty of just hard hitting tracks such as The Final Sunset.

The sound quality is quite good and just in passing I originally thought this was a complete band. I had no idea it was a one man band, with a few guest musicians.  If I hadn’t looked it up I wouldn’t have guessed that the drums were programmed, I’m usually pretty good at picking them out but not this time.

Agonal, A Suffering Complete is bombastic and heavy which for a symphonic doom release is just what the doctor ordered.  Grab a copy of this through Sanctus Gladius and ride the crushing hammer of doom!!

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Valex said...

this is album was not a one man band...i done all the drums with the exception of the bonus track,and another guy done all the keys on every track