Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Armath Sargon has been around quite a while releasing extreme metal (black or unblack whichever you would prefer) for quite sometime. If my information is correct since 2002 I believe, well this release from Sanctus Gladius entitled When Love is Dead is not a new album but a reissue.

Originally this was a limited issue of 300 copies via CDR when it was first released in 2011.  However those limitations are gone with this release.

This is not just a reissue, but has been completely remixed and remastered by the artist himself. I can’t attest to the differences between the releases but the sound quality of this particular release is pretty good by black metal standards.  It still seems to capture the sound and atmosphere of old Emperor and Dark Throne.

Those in the know have indicated to me that black metal is more about the ‘atmosphere’ than actual melodies to sing along (or scream which ever you prefer). In that case When Love is Dead has accomplished that as the atmosphere created here is one of a dark stormy knight amidst a blizzard in the Carpathian Mountains while traveling on a lonely trail by horseback.  While perhaps being chased by Riders in Black.

There are some solid tracks Casting the Spirits Away Pt. VI and Massive Termination of Souls come to mind. No these aren’t popcorn tracks but songs with daring melodies amidst the musical turmoil, which means you won’t be singing any choruses but perhaps humming a melody or two after these compositions reach their zenith.

As with all of Armath Sargon’s material the lyrics are bold in proclaiming the deity of Jesus Christ. One item of note which is not meant to be a footnote is upon request of the band the bands proceeds will go to the ministry work of Pastor Bob and the homeless ministry in Nashville.

Fans of Armath Sargon’s will want to grab this release and enjoy a new vision of a previously released work. Corpse paint is optional by the way…. 

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