Friday, March 7, 2014


Scorching metal from the land of Mexico come long time metal veterans Lament. Roxx Productions has pressed up a limited run of 300 copies of Laments current release entitled Dejados Atras (Left Behind).

Lament has offered up a mix bag of melodic Death Metal but there are also tracks of solid melodic almost power metal like elements with progressive touches. The guitar solos are extremely melodic with an almost Iron Maiden feel, just listen to Break The Spirit of Death for a touch.

The vocals are guttural throughout and the lyrics are in Spanish. That may or may not be a detriment to some. The guitars are loud and multi tracked.  At times the sound may seem a bit raw but know this everything is evenly spaced and separated in the mix.

For the most part the riffs are solid, almost Sepultura like at times.  However I hear a lot of European metal riffage and arrangements as well.  At times it’s truly a mixed bag here.

I did find it somewhat hard to engage the music on a lyrical level because they are sung in Spanish. Again for some that might not be an issue but it did make it more challenging for me.  Not all the lyrics were printed in the inlay card but those that are there were helpful.

This is solid offering of melodic death/neo power metal.  Those of you who enjoy your metal more extreme should find this to your liking.  For myself I was left wanting something a little more engaging to my mind and my ears.

6 axes

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